Subaru Impreza race car

 This Subaru came to us for a freshen up after having a few hard years racing in several race series. The car was fully stripped down and the front end was replaced with a removable section accomodating a much larger intercooler, the rear diff pickup was tied into the cage and all the wheel arch tubs were modified to accomodate the large wheels and tyres the car runs on, the suspension top mounts were also modified to increase travel by an inch. A new rear firewall was installed as well as panels to replace the rear doors as the car was having a ABW 2 door widebody bodykit fitted. We painted the car inside and out and rebuilt it back up to race specification.

 Subaru Impreza P1 exterior restoration.

 This car required repairs to the inner and outer wings, sills, front bumper and then had a bare metal respray so it now looks like new

 Nissan S15 Silvia drift car build

  Full multipoint BDC specification roll cage, enlarged tubs front and rear, custom firewall, engine mountings to suit the VR38 GTR engine, Full Fibreglass blister kit and much more !

 Nissan PS13 Restoration.

 What arrived as what looked like a reasonably tidy PS13 shell soon turned out to be hiding all sorts of previous poor repairs. Many man hours and a lot of custom fabrication has seen this car now back to its former glory, now also 100mm wider on steel panels at the rear and having had a all over bare metal respray the car is looking its best again.

Vauxhall VX220 turbo accident repair.

 Unfortunately this little VX220 turbo had a bit of a off road experience damaging nearly every panel. A new crash structure and clam were fitted to the front whilst the side pods and rear clam were repaired then the whole car was treated to a fresh respray in its original metallic silver.

Vauxhall VX220 colour change

 This 2.2 VX had a lot of reactions in the paintwork from previous repairs, the rear clam turned out to be quite damaged so another OEM item was sourced as a replacement, the front clam was modified to accept the vents and the whole car was painted in a stunning House Of Kolor paint.

 Nissan 200sx S13 RB27 cooling package upgrade.

 One of the biggest issues with running the RB Skyline engine in the 200sx is keeping the engine cool, with this car we used a bespoke radiator made by Pro Alloy Motorsport which was mounted so that the air was ducted through the bumper and out through the bonnet, the intercooler was also mounted as close as possible to the radiator to help eliminate any disruption in the air as it passes between the 2 cores. The car has over 500hp and now  has no cooling issues whatsoever.
 Nissan R34 Skyline  6 point roll cage.

 This car is used for demonstration purposes in the UK and abroad and required a basic cage to comply with the rules. All our cages are designed to be a tight fit to the body but in the case of this car we were asked to allow enough room so most of the full interior could go back in making it a little more practical than your usual competition drift car.
Vauxhall Corsa turbo

 This particular corsa has had a ground up rebuild starting with a stitch welded and strengthened shell incorparating a Roll Centre national spec cage and a GRP roof. The car runs on custom rose jointed suspension arms, group A hubs and lower ball joints, coilovers all round and is powered by a forged C20LET engine which runs Link engine management and a custom tubular manifold and the turbo off a Mitsubishi Evo 9. Nearly every part of this car has been upgraded for reliability and safety reasons, infact one of the only original parts of the car as far as we're aware is the exterior paintwork.
Nissan S14 drift car

 Ross Gregory's new S14.3 drift car build featuring a full BDC specification roll cage, tunnel modifications for the Z33 transmission, custom boot floor and a custom firewall.

Vauxhall VX220 turbo

 This car came to us for some extensive bodywork modifications including a new design front clam and larger rear arches to accommodate some very wide 10J wheels as the car already had a 500+hp engine fitted which was a bit much for the narrow wheels the VX220 left the factory with.

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